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January 31, 2020

Parties & Location:
The ______________________ and Engelmann Construction located at 345 Fort Salonga Rd Northport, NY 11768 enter an annually automatic renewable Preventative maintenance program for:

This service is to be provided on a pre-planned, off season preventative maintenance schedule and is not valid for emergency service or repair. Nor does it imply warranty coverage or a labor and material contract beyond the itemized routine service.

The Objective:
Locate issue and originate solution before the creation of a problem.

Our preventative maintenance service agreement provides periodic service of your roofing system to prolong the life of the membrane and protect your building from leaks, damage, or premature failure of theroof.

This agreement will provide labor and material for our 12 point service which is consistent with what most major manufacturers requirements as per their warrantys enforcement. Service records will be maintained in the event there a warranty issue in the future.

12 Point Inspection Service
  • Check and clear all roof drains and scuppers, re-secure drain caps.
  • Locate any ponding, verify proper water flow.
  • Check roof for any damage or failure areas.
  • Clean & Remove basic debris: leaves, shells, A/C materials.
  • Check parapet capping.
  • Inspect any additions or changes, ie HVAC units, data wiring, buildouts, etc.
  • Provide basic repair or touch up (our discretion) for normal damage or wear.
  • Inspect common fail areas, seams, access points, drains...
  • Inspect walls, HVAC curbs, elevator rooms etc. for water intrusion.
  • Check all termination strips for adhesion (if applicable).
  • Inspect all shingle areas for adhesion.
  • Provide an inspection report with photos. The report will include any required service not covered here within.

Should it be necessary for us to provide labor and material beyond the provisions in this agreement we will when possible provide a proposal or work on a discounted time and material basis.
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