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Liquid Applied
Liquid Applied
Liquid Applied

How Roof Coatings Work In 5 Easy Steps

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Inspect & Approve expand_circle_down expand_circle_up

The process starts with our site visit where we measure, inspect, and discuss with you the history of the roof and your requirements. Using this information we will be given a specification to follow by the manufacturer.

Commercial roofer washing and preparing a commercial roof for service

Wash & Prep expand_circle_down expand_circle_up

We wash the roof with low-pressure water in order to remove loose dirt and debris. Then we apply a special green roof cleaner. Before it dries we power-wash at higher pressure using a specialized roofing surface cleaner. We often use leaf blowers to move dirty or ponded water to drains.

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Flash Details expand_circle_down expand_circle_up

History and experience prove that most leak failures occur at a seam. So all penetration points, seams, edging, drains, and old repairs are flashed in with a heavier grade silicone with a fabric reinforcement designed to handle these larger details.

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Apply Roof Coatings expand_circle_down expand_circle_up

The specification directs the install team to apply the layers to specific gallons per foot. We measure the mills to ensure proper installation.

Warranty Inspection expand_circle_down expand_circle_up

On completion we must pass a rigorous onsite testing by the manufacturers' inspectors. As approval is achieved we transfer the warranty to you.

Is my roof a candidate for a coating?

To determine if your roof would benefit from an Engelmann Construction liquid applied roof application, compare it to our prime candidate list:
  • A busy roof: many HVAC units, chimneys, skylights, gas and electric lines, etc.
  • Does your building have more than one roof layer?
  • Do you have air conditioning or refrigeration?
  • Is saving money and the environment part of your business model?
  • Would a leak-free warranty excite you?
  • Removing your roof to reroof would disturb your business or be too risky
  • Are you in a heavily urban area with restricted access like a hi-rise?
  • Is water ponding on your roof?
  • Does working with a 50-year-old, certified, fully licensed, and insured family business with a staffed walk in office mean something to you?

If you said yes to two or more of these criteria you owe it to yourself to check us out further. Watch our youtube videos of the process, check our references, or call us for a roof evaluation.
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For 50 years, Engelmanns has been a premier contractor serving the greater N.E. region. As a family-owned, and customer-focused team, we deliver a trifecta of value (below) you won't find anywhere else!
From Sprayfoam insulation, to repairs, or our specialty; restoration coatings, The E team offers solutions from conventional to the most cutting edge technology. We guarantee a job done right in every job, every city, every time


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