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Liquid Applied
Liquid Applied
Liquid Applied


The future cost of your commercial roof depends on what you do today.

Determining the condition of your commercial roof can be a challenge and many external factors can lead to the accelerated deterioration of a roof. Putting on a new flat roof can be costly, messy, and disruptive. It is understandable if you postpone roof replacement as long as possible

Even if you have a manufacturer extended warranty, it is a good idea to explore an option for either a maintenance program or a roof restoration system. Warranties address the leaks after the fact and a maintenance program helps to prevent leaks from occurring.

Is my roof a candidate for a coating?

To determine if your roof would benefit from an Engelmann construction liquid applied roof application, compare it to our prime candidate list:
  • A busy roof: many hvac units, chimneys, skylights, gas and electric lines etc.
  • Does your building have more than one roof layer?
  • Do you have air conditioning or refrigeration?
  • Is saving money and the environment part of your business model?
  • Would a leak free warranty excite you?
  • Removing your roof to reroof would disturb your business or be too risky
  • Are you in a heavy urban area with restricted access like a hi-rise?
  • Is water ponding on your roof?
  • Does working with a 50 year old, certified, fully licensed and insured family business with a staffed walk in office mean something to you?

If you said yes to two or more of these criteria you owe it to yourself to check us our further. Watch our you tube videos of the process, check our references or call us for a roof evaluation.
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We can Restore any type of roof with a no leak warranty!

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There are numerous liquid applied products available . . . Here are some examples of our coatings. . . .

Engelmann Construction Images Engelmann Construction Images Engelmann Construction Images

Application: can be performed by hand Rolling and brushing, machine pumping and spreading, or by our certified specialty spray team. The installation requires manufacture inspection and approval. Proudly we are one of the most experienced contractors in our market, our quality and professioinalism is revered by our suppliers and competitors.

Why Engelmann

For 50 years, Engelmanns has been a premier contractor serving the greater N.E. region. As a family-owned, and customer-focused team, we deliver a trifecta of value (below) you won't find anywhere else!
From Sprayfoam insulation, to repairs, or our specialty; restoration coatings, The E team offers solutions from conventional to the most cutting edge technology. We guarantee a job done right in every job, every city, every time


Free Estimates

Full survey provided
Manufacturer approval


Extended Warranties

Insured, safe, and clean installations


Best Value

No less than three options
100% in house team

*Only American products represented and installed.

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